ShaySoy in Poultry Nutrition

ShaySoy, is a brand name for wet extruded full fat soybean and has several advantages for poultry nutrition. High level of metabolizable energy, rich source for good quality protein, essential fatty acid and low heat increment is the main advantages of ShaySoy for poultry nutrition.

High phospholipids (1-3%) in ShaySoy have a direct effect in lipid metabolism and high content of linoleic acid cause egg size increase in layers. Because of isoflavones, tochopherol and other natural antioxidant ShaySoy promotes health status and improve immune response in poultry. The optimum level for using ShaySoy in broiler feeds is determined by carcass quality and slaughter age aims.

The economical levels for ShaySoy usage in poultry ration is 10-20% of total feed.

ShaySoy benefits in broiler ration:

•  The possibility of feed formulation on basis of different broiler nutritional management guide
•  Improving broiler performance including weight gain, growth rate and feed conversion ratio
•  Decreasing mortality and promoting immune system
•  High nutrient absorption
•  Improving quality in mash feed and increasing pellet binding effect

ShaySoy benefits in layer and breeder ration:

•  Complete excluding of fat, oil and meat meal from poultry feed
•  Improving egg quality
•  Increase in feed intake by 5 to 10 kcal/bird/day
•  Increase in egg weight in turn by 2-4%, which is of particular interest in the case of white egg layers at the beginning of egg-laying in summer
•  Increase in egg size in turn at the start of egg-laying by 5%
•  Higher levels of egg production during warm seasons in young poultry

• Because of proper heat treatment with advanced technology for destroying anti-nutritional factors, ShaySoy has no limitations, for use in poultry ration.
• ShaySoy inclusion in poultry feeds will be limited by ingredients composition and the level of total fat in the ration.

Store ShaySoy, in cool and dry conditions away from sunlight and pest (rodents).

ShaySoy is best used within 6 months from the date of production.

ShaySoy is packed in 40kg laminated polypropylene bags.